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Fix Outlook startup Time Delay

My Outlook starts slowly nowadays and trying to tweek the settings. The initial startup time
was really horrible and make my system stall for sometime.
I tried the following
1. Tried to compact the folders.
2. Moved the archive folders to someother location.
These helped to some extent.

But not an actual solution.
Digged the net and found this solution.
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Read data from a CSV file in PHP

// open the text file
$fd = fopen ("pilots.csv", "r");
// initialize a loop to go through each line of the file
while (!feof ($fd)) {
$buffer = fgetcsv($fd, 4096); // declare an array to hold all of the contents of each
//row, indexed
echo "n";
// this for loop to traverse thru the data cols
// when this is re-created with MySQL use the mysql_num_fileds() function to get
// this number
for ($i = 0; $i < 5; ++$i){
if ($buffer[$i] == ""){
$buffer[$i] = " ";
// print 's with each index
echo "$buffer[$i]n";
echo "n";
fclose ($fd);
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