Article Contributors Wanted

Hi friends,
Anybody interested in writing articles in my blog. If? interested please let me know.
You can write about anything , however Technical articles is most welcome and preferable.

Even you can contribute any code samples also.? You’d have faced a problem with your daily coding routines, and have found a solution/code fragment. Which you can send it to me and I’ll post it here (of course? with, textual changes if needed).

Ok. What is the Deal?

As of now, I cannot offer anything in $$. But what i can do is, post your details like your name, site url, etc in the article. I can Post your blog links in blogroll, a separate section for your site in the? side bar etc.

Am having an idea of creating a section to post a forum, separate area for posting Code snippets.

Would it be a good idea?

Shoot me with your comments.