This function will help you to get the computed height (actual height) of an HTML Element/Object. For example you may be using a div to show some contents inside that. But want to calculate the actual height of the div after loading the contents inside it. There comes this function to help you.

function getComputedHeight(theElt){
var browserName=navigator.appName;
if (browserName=="Microsoft Internet Explorer"){
var is_ie=true;
} else {
var is_ie=false;
tmphght = document.getElementById(theElt).offsetHeight;
docObj = document.getElementById(theElt);
var tmphght1 = document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(docObj, "").getPropertyValue("height");
tmphght = tmphght1.split('px');
tmphght = tmphght[0];
return tmphght;

< div id=”demo” onclick=”alert(getComputedHeight(‘demo’));”> hello there< /div>
Thanks to Richard A who made the code complete to run as a demo.

To know the computed width of an element see here

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