Cursor:hand not working with mozilla/firefox

Mostyle our CSS code likely looks like: cursor: hand; This is not working in mozilla,firefox except IE. The reason is IE supports the keyword hand and mozilla, netscape, firefox do not.
If You want to use cursor: hand; to work on all the browsers, simple use
Cursor: pointer

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  1. Its worked for me.

    previosly me too have the same problem problem like ,hand cursor is displaying in IE and it was not displaing in FireFox.But after seeing this forum i am tried with



    It works well with IE and FireFox.

    Thanks a lot

  2. Thanks A lot , I needed this solution.
    My problem was I was not getting hover icon inside span tag incase of IE6.0, but after providing this curosr:pointer it is happening for the browsers I needed, i.e. IE 6.0, Mozilla, Opera and Safari.

    My HTML Code was:


    But inside span no hover link was viewed incase of IE, so I provided the attribute curosr:pointer for span tag in my CSS file and got the desired result. Thanks again.

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