How to Uninstall IE7 Beta

How to Uninstall IE7 Beta. Here is a simple way to uninstall IE7 Beta. uninstalling IE7 first seemed to be a hectic task and i thought that my system would crash. But it was as simple like uninstalling a normal software. Thank God. I got the IE6 back.

1. Go to Control Panel
2. Click Add or Remove Programs
3. Click Show Updates checkbox
4. Click whatever version of IE7 you have. For example “Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview”
5. Click the Change/Remove button

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  1. somebody help me!!

    i was using ie6 and firefox(ff mostly)… thot i’ll give IE another chance and installed IE7 beta… knew within mins that it sucks(!!grrrr grr) and uninstalled it…

    now i can open IE6 alright, but whenever i try to open a site, it opens it in Firefox :O… now i cant use IE even if i want to. I use IE for certain very specific tasks and I want IE6 back… what do i do??

    i tried uninstalling FF, but now when i try to open a site, it gives me an error message box which says “Application not found” ..


  2. Somebody Please help me

    I try unistalling ie7, But i try everything and I can’t do it Do someone have any help. I try going to add/remove program and it’s not htieir I try run %wwind% etc, and nothing Please Help

  3. I tried all you said, and every other “pro” has said to remove this IE7 and it is STILL THERE!!!!!!!!!!! Spent 3 hours with the “pros” at Microsoft, and still waiting for another “pro” to call from Microsoft! This IE 7 cannot be uninstalled…it’s like a cancer that won’t go away.

    It’s time for a MAC!

  4. hi madaras gui,
    i am singapore, ie 7 ver 7.0.5730.11 i unable to remove,then delete that time ask me windows NT service pack cd show dilog box then above this
    file brouseui.dll.000 ask iwill try 5 days still unabe to remove, my operating sys xp home edition genine validated ready but stil unable to remove pls can help me

    ungalai anbudan ketukolkiran enku uthavi seya mudiyuma

  5. Nevermind I found it. I was looking for Microsoft Internet Explorer or just Internet Explorer and it was under WIndows Internet Explorer.

    Stupid naming routine.

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