Fix Outlook startup Time Delay

My Outlook starts slowly nowadays and trying to tweek the settings. The initial startup time
was really horrible and make my system stall for sometime.
I tried the following
1. Tried to compact the folders.
2. Moved the archive folders to someother location.
These helped to some extent.

But not an actual solution.
Digged the net and found this solution.

Sometimes the protocol binding for Exchange can be wrong if more than one protocol is installed.
Make sure that, the TCP/IP is first in the order.
Because Outlook will try to communicate in the order protocols are listed.

Do the following to check if the list is ok , if not, we will set them in order

# Start the registry editor
# Move to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Exchange\Exchange Provider
# In the right hand pane, double click Rpc_Binding_Order
# A dialog box will be shown containing a text string of the installed protocols separated by commas. You can move items, for example, you may want to move ncacn_ip_tcp (TCP/IP) to the front if you connect over TCP/IP. Make sure you keep them separated by commas!

# Click OK
# Close the registry editor
# Stop and start Exchange/Outlook

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