piqqus.com Invites Available

Anybody want Piqqus.com invite? Let me know will send you an invitation.

For Newbies, Piqqus.com allow you to vote for people’s site in return you?ll get some points in order for you to promote your article in future. A tool to promote your blog and your sites.

piqqus.com is a stumble/diggs/propells exchange website, meaning that you stumble the available opportunity (other people’s topics), earn stumble point. Once you collect enough stumble point, you may create a campaign for your own topic, other people will stumble for you. This feature is for digg.com, propeller.com sites also.

Even piqqus.com is open for registrations, you cannot take part of the campaigns, i.e., you cannot get points,create campaigns for your site,blog, if you have registered without an invitation.

So invitation will give an option to get points earned, and also you can use the points later for promoting your sites,blogs.

Here is an invite http://piqqus.com/….php?r=97..&c=….mohy49c…4674

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