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The search architecture has been redesigned for Internet Explorer 7. The Instant Search box, which is located to the right of the Address bar, replaces the Windows Search Assistant (or Search Pane). Sites can now advertise search providers so that users can perform searches on sites directly from the Microsoft Internet Explorer frame without first having to navigate to a particular site.
The new search architecture relies on OpenSearch Description files, which uses a simple XML format to describe search engines and the URL syntax of queries.

The AddSearchProvider method is available from the external object of window.

A site cannot automatically launch the Add Search Provider dialog box. The user intervention is needed to add a new.

For More Info for adding Search Providers in IE7 see the URLS below

Below is the IE7 search plugin for site. Add Experts Exchange Search to your IE browser

Experts Exchange Plugin for Firefox is here.

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  1. I’m getting a pop-up stating that I need IE7 installed for the IE7 search add in. I have IE7 installed??

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