IndiaMarket Firefox Plugin

On seeing the plugins which am using with my firefox browser, I got impressed with the technology and features.
For a long time, I were in an idea of writing a firefox plugin. And finally after seeing the BSE sensex plugin, which updates the sensex values in the browser, I decided writing my own plugin and I can’t stop myself further.

I made this plugin to check the stocks I’ve and my friends. Got lots of inputs from my friends what they expect, while checking for stock values and came with an idea for this plugin.

It finally evolved as ‘IndiaMarket‘ Plugin.

The Following are the Features it has

  • Multiple Stocks can be configured.
  • Can configure from Which Stock Exchange, the stock values are to be updated.
  • Automatically Checks for Stock values every 30 minutes (or) at set time intervals
  • Time interval for checking stock values can be configured
  • Export stock values configured.
  • Import stock values saved elsewhere using indiamarket plugin
  • Default set of Stock values on Installation, inorder to avoid empty stock list.

Because I’ve released the beta version with my friends and releasing this stable version I’ve added more updates with this release.

This Plugin is hosted in See this here.

Thanks to my friends Rajeshkumar J , GopalRaju M, UdhayKumar D and others who helped me in testing this plugin and to make this evolve into a plugin.


Install it from here

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