Resizing the Firefox Search Bar

To make the search bar longer, we need to add a couple of CSS rules to a file named userChrome.css.
This file is located in your profile directory. It can be located at
c:/documents and settings/logged in username/Application Data/Mozilla/firefox/Profiles/

If it is hard to find the profile you can install the the Chrome Edit Extension from

After installing the extension, restart Firefox.

Next, click on the Tools menu and choose Edit User Files.
You will be shown a new window that has five tabs on it. These tabs represent all of the user
files that you can modify to customize the Firefox browser. The first tab will be named userChrome.css
this is the file that we want to modify.

Else open it in your text editor and look for the following lines

#search-container, #searchbar {
width: 200px !important;  /* < ----- change this pixels as you like. 400px is more than enough. 200 sits quite in the layout and make readable */

Save the file, in ur texteditor or by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the Chrome Edit window
and restart Firefox.

Now you will notice that your search bar size is changed.

Thats it.

How to Uninstall IE7 Beta

How to Uninstall IE7 Beta. Here is a simple way to uninstall IE7 Beta. uninstalling IE7 first seemed to be a hectic task and i thought that my system would crash. But it was as simple like uninstalling a normal software. Thank God. I got the IE6 back.

1. Go to Control Panel
2. Click Add or Remove Programs
3. Click Show Updates checkbox
4. Click whatever version of IE7 you have. For example “Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 Preview”
5. Click the Change/Remove button

Functions find Left and Right position of an Object

When a layer is inside another layer, it’s style.left and positions can both be ‘0’
but the layer itself can be 500 pixels away from the actual margin. These functions will return
the true offset.
// To find the left position, add this snippet to your code:

function getPositionLeft(This){
var el = This;var pL = 0;
return pL

// To find the top position, add this snippet to your code:

function getPositionTop(This){
var el = This;var pT = 0;
return pT

How to Disable the browsers’ back button

You can Disable the browsers’ back button if you want to prevent your users to go back for some reasons like the registration page or for some pages once they are submitted should not be reversed back, which might lead into unwanted problems .

There is a little hack to achieve this, you can use the following js code.


Close Window in IE from javascript. (Small Hack)

When trying to close an window from javascript in IE, which is opened manually,
a security warning “The web page you are viewing is trying to close the window. Do you want to close this window? Yes|No ” is popping up. Is there any possibility to close a window silently? Yes.

A simple hack i found on the web will help to get rid of this situation.

self.opener = this;

but in Firefox you can do this. Firefox will not allow you to close using the above code. Maybe anybody found/having any code post it here.

How to find your Popup is blocked by Popup blocker in javascript

How to find your Popup is blocked by Popup blocker in javascript when using

We open a window using in our pages using javascript. But if there is popup blocker sitting in the client machine and the user is not aware the popup blocker is blocking the popup window from your site, we can inform him the popup is blocked and ask him to remove that. How?'yourfile.htm' + "?newwin=true", "_top", "width="+wwidth+",height="+wheight+",location=0,menubar=0,resizable=no,scrollbars=no,status=yes,titlebar=no,dependent=yes");
alert("Error: While Launching New Window...nYour browser maybe blocking up Popup windows. nn  Please check your Popup Blocker Settings");

Check whether an HTML element/Object exists or not.

This small javascript function will help you to check if a HTML object.Element exists in a page from the page itself or from a popup window.

function chkObject(inParent,theVal) {
if (window.opener.document.getElementById(theVal) != null) {
return true;
} else {
return false;
if (document.getElementById(theVal) != null) {
return true;
} else {
return false;

chks whether an object exists or not in the document.
if the inParent is true then the object/elt is checked for its existence in the parent/opener’s document.
i.e., it will be useful to chk from a popup window.
To check in the current document itself , then set inParent value as false.

The ‘alt’ property does not work with mozilla/firefox

The correct property to use for tooltips is title. The ‘alt’ property has a very important purpose, which is to provide replacement text for images in browsers that cannot or do not (by user’s choice) display images, and if graphical browsers display them as tooltips people will be discouraged from using them for their correct purpose.

for more info

List all Plugins installed in FireFox

To List all Plugins installed and Configurations details in FireFox type the following in the location bar in FireFox
to get the configuration List in FF

You can get the List of plugins using javascript for your code as follows

var L = navigator.plugins.length
document.write( L );
document.write("Name | Filename | description".bold());
for(i=0; i
document.write(" | ".bold());
document.write(" | ".bold());